Next Generation Global Payment Solution

Kitcoin, a cryptocurrency based on its own newly developed next generation blockchain, serves as payment solution of the future. It’s superior blockchain technology, driven by a newly-developed consensus mechanism, enables it to scale to millions of transactions per second. This makes Kitcoin the preferred choice for merchant adoption and consumer payments.

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The world’s next generation global payment solution

Best Coin & Better Than Any Crypto

The Kitcoin ecosystem is the first of its kind to address all current difficulties with cryptocurrency payments. This is achieved by connecting thus far separate entities to one single ecosystem and thereby enable seamless payment flows and interchange between crypto and fiat currencies, globally!

Kitcoin serves as a payment and value transfer unit, the Bibo exchange enables seamless exchange between crypto and fiat currencies and a cryptocurrency wallet connected with bank accounts, merchant plugins and cold storage ability.

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Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Kitcoin is directly transacted on the blockchain without need for any intermediaries, staying true to the original vision of crypto: be your own bank!

Borderless Payments

Kitcoin is not bound to a nation state, it is freely transactable and exchangeable, globally

Full Protection

Encryption and highest security standards enable users of Kitcoin to securely transact

Smart Money

The ability to deploy smart contracts and a decentralized governance model makes Kitcoin smart programmable next generation money

Secure Wallet

The Kitcoin Jubilee Wallet with inbuild browser function guarantees users storing funds under military-level security

Easy To buy & Sell

Buy & Sell on exchange and OTC at over 300 online and physical stores over the world


Kitcoin features a innovative multi-tiered masternode system. Kitcoin Masternodes secure and power the network, for this they receive a reward based on the staking amount.
There are 5 different tiers of masternodes. On top of the system are the 101 authority nodes which also participate in the governance of the system.
There can always only be 101 authority nodes, the number of tier 2-5 nodes is not limited.

Dividend Scheme

Growing Global Network

Kitcoin is growing, with already over 150k users, a vibrant ecosystem, being traded on several exchanges and accepted as payment on a real goods market.

  • 150000+


  • 300+


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Official Wallets*

(* using any other wallet might lead to financial loss, you act at your own risk)

KTC Jubilee Wallet

Kitcoin Roadmap

  • Q4 2018
    Kitcoin Dapp Browser Wallet
    KTC listed on Bibo Exchange
    KTC as currency on Bibo Market
  • Q1 2019
    Secure Masternode System
    KTC Masternodes
    Global community building
    KTC listed on more international exchanges
  • Q3 2019
    Fiat Support
    Starting with USD and EUR
  • Q1 2020
    Customer Logistics
    Customer Feedback reports
    100 dapps available in KTC wallet
  • Q3 2020
    Password Management
    1000 dapps in the KTC wallet
    100 million users in the ecosystem